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2017 Sale Horses

In conjunction with the
Manitoba Ag Ex

October 28th, 2017

We will have 12 horses in this year's sale.

Performance Preview
1 pm - Westman place arena

Sale Time
4:30 pm sales ring- Kingsmen arena

2017 Top Seller - Mavis and Murray Palmer from Youngstown, Alberta.  Picture from left to right - Thomas Hagan, Felicity Hagan, Alistair Hagan, Erin Hagan, Mavis Palmer, Murray Palmer & Harley Hagan.  Missing from the photo Slade Hagan and Rory Hagan.

2017 Sale Results

Red - $15500.00
Todd McLean, Devlin, Ontario
Lawrence - $11000.00 
Tanya Brouwers, Summerland, British Columbia
Fox - $6000.00 
Alan Richardson & Gail Johnson, Elm Creek, Manitoba
Pierce - $20500.00
Mavis & Murray Palmer, Youngstown, Alberta
Olly - Scratched
Dartainian - $9000.00  
Rosemary Odermalt, Fort St. John's, British Columbia
Bugs - Scratched
Cheetara - $6000.00

Peter Walder, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba
Jazz - $10500.00
 Tanya Brouwers, Summerland, British Columbia
Sargent - $6750.00
  Troy Ferris, Saint Johns, New Brunswick
Chopper K - $8500.00
  Dallas Spencer, Estevan, Saskatchewan
Vegas - $6250.00 
Stephen Johnston, Kinkora, Prince Edward Island

The Hagan family would like to thank all of their buyers, friends and family that help make this sale possible year after year.




Current Sale Horses...

2017 Horses

Hagan's Performance & Ranch Horse Sale
October 28th, 2017

2017 Catalogue

Olly 14.3 HH     
10 year old gelding
Owned by Thomas & Felicity




Here’s the one everyone is looking for!  A 14.3 hh, palomino gelding that spins, stops and loves to move slow.  If you like them broke, quiet and good-looking, Olly is your man.  We bought Olly in the winter of 2015/2016 in Winnipeg on a horse buying trip for our friend, Kevin McKinnon.  He was looking for a heel horse and Olly wasn’t far enough along in that department, so I bought him.  I later found out that Mandi Quam, from Grenfell, SK, had trained him and shown him at the Agribition Ranch Horse Competition and Sale.  We had decided to keep Olly for Rory, that is why he wasn’t in last year’s sale, but we figured Rory is 2 and probably won’t be needing to turn cows back on the wall anytime soon.  So instead, we have just been having fun with him moving cows, roping the heel-o-matic, sorting pairs at calving time and using him as a babysitter.  Felicity’s cousin from Ireland, Jake, moved to Canada about the same time we bought Olly with a dream of becoming a cowboy, the “Celtic” cowboy.  Olly has been his main mount, helping Jake make his first heeling runs in the arena and cowboying around the ranch.  Jake has told me many times that him and Olly have a “special” bond, but Jake moved home, Rory’s getting a pony and Olly is up for sale.  Horses like this aren’t easy to find folks.  He is the right size, broke to death, done it all and easy on the eyes, he is exactly what this sale is all about!
Heart Bar Feathers
Prince Poco Pines
Princess Prarie
Pines Dun Olena
Doco Peg
Doco Honey Dell
Miss Tad Ra Dell
Zans Tres Ches
Zans Poco Blackburn
Clarks Poco Honey
Zans Poco Echo
Dot's Jessie

Just Jessies Best
Badgee Bar

Vegas 15 HH     
7 year old gelding
Owned by Thomas & Felicity



Here is Felicity’s horse.  He’s quiet, doesn’t have to be ridden every day and can cover ground with his big stride.  This year she used Vegas to help me move cows around and he kept her mobile to take pictures and video for the sale.  Felicity feels comfortable riding him and I feel safe having her on him. We had Vegas catalogued in last year’s sale, but the Wednesday before, Felicity was riding him, rounding up custom grazers and Vegas got bogged down in a slough and strained some muscles.  So we enjoyed him for another year and here he is.  We have done everything there is to do on the ranch with Vegas.  He has ran out cattle to rope, gone to brandings, dink looped or just trailed cattle.  This horse is bred to run and be an athlete, and true to form he loves nothing more than to run down cattle out in the pasture.  Vegas is very cowy and will follow one through the eye of a needle.  He was raised at DAC Farms in Virden, Manitoba and in a round-about way he ended up dad’s horse and then ours as a wedding gift 3 years ago.  Vegas is the first to greet you at the gate and can be rode every day or every 3 months and is the same horse.  He really is a kind soul and loves being around people.  If you are looking for a smooth, big strided, broke, quiet gelding, be sure to watch his video. 
Dolls Union Jac
Jacs Little Lena
Little Fanny Olena
Double Jac Moon
Late Moon
My Sunday Moon
My Sadbird
Doc's Spencer Bar
Doc Continental
Dixie Sue Mon
MJ Dry Doc Dixie
Dry Doc 17
Dry Doc Olive
Hollywood Olive


Lawrence 15 HH     
8 year old gelding
Owned by Thomas & Felicity



Quiet, safe and reliable!  Of all the horses Felicity and I have in the sale, Lawrence is the one I rode the most this year.  We started checking fences in the spring and he has basically stayed saddled ever since.  We tagged calves during calving season and moved right into treating yearlings and cows, moving portable wires, going to brandings and checking grass. We bought this guy two years ago from Jenna and Michael Lawrence at Crandall, Manitoba with 30 days riding and now he is a one-handed, broke, good-looking, finished ranch gelding.  He is 15 hh and stout with lots of bone and foot.  I just can’t say enough that when I leave the yard I need to trust the horse won’t get me in trouble.  We are fortunate to have 3200 acres of grass in a block that we live on and at most I can be 4 miles from the house with Felicity having no idea where I am.  With Lawrence I feel comfortable being out there roping a cow, laying her down, tying off and treating her by myself.  I can run cattle out and rope them in the buffalo hallows, move electric fence and dodge mole hills.  It's been a treat.  In the branding pen this guy is a gem.  He’s calm and easy to rope on and you don’t have to shy away from the bigger calves.  I don’t know if I’ve rode anything this strong on the horn.  You can just rope anything your heart desires.  We started heading steers on Lawrence in the arena and by sale time I’ll guess he will have roped 100 steers out of the box.  Lawrence also helped Rory enter his first kid’s rodeo this summer.  He participated, with my help, in barrel racing and mounted shooting with water guns.  This is the type of horse that people buy and he becomes part of the family.  He will be missed by Felicity, Rory and I, but most of all, our miniature donkey Suzie who loves nothing more than to chew on his tail!  I hope the next owner enjoys this horse as much as our family has and he will definitely be hard to replace. 


Misters Razzledazzle
Kaos Razzledazzle
Kaos Candy Bar
Dulys Razz
ZE Keystone Man
RLM Class Lass
Spartan Lass
Mitos Perfection
Mitos Perfect Buck
Barefoot Holly
Mitos Perfect Joey
Super King Tut
Triple J April Tut
SF Bailey April

Jazz 15 HH     
8 year old gelding
Owned by Thomas & Felicity



I have just enjoyed the heck out of this guy all summer.  The biggest features we look for in horses these days are safe and reliable.  I do most of the riding by myself checking, treating and rotating the cows and it’s just a must that when I leave the yard that I know I am going to return safely.  Sometimes Felicity comes with me when someone can watch Rory or Dad helps me with the bigger jobs like pulling bulls or some treating, but most of the time I find myself 3 or 4 miles from the house tied off on a foot rotter or pinkeye just me and my horse and a bunch of cows.  To be honest at this point in my life I pretty much hate riding colts but absolutely love riding horses like Jazz.  A day for me and Jazz could include any or all of the following jobs , reeling up turbo wire (400 meters at a time), tying of on a cow, yearling or calf, crossing 150ft bridges, crossing 10ft creeks (kind of dry this year), running out whatever won’t let me dink loop it, dragging my homemade “High Stock Density Grazing Portable Wire & Post Sled 2000,” (the 2500 series is currently in the design stage), or just walking around looking at grass.  I might stop at an overgrazed sandy patch and work on Jazz’s stop or turnaround  or just  lead him around looking for my fence tester that won’t seem to stay in my saddle bags.  Jazz has a sharp neck rein, a soft mouth and lots of feel.  This guy is a “real deal” ranch gelding.  He is one handed, easy to rope off of, sound as a dollar and can be given time off without a worry.  He was actually being driven when Dad bought him from a local horseman, Doug Sanderson, but as my good teamster  friend, Rob Gardiner told me, “You couldn’t drive a sharp stick into a snow bank,” so I have never hooked him up.  I will be sad to see Jazz go at the sale, but someone is going to get one heck of a ranch gelding.

Red   15.1 HH
7 year old sorrel gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin


If you are the kind of person who always drives the Chevy Denali or Ford Platinum limited edition, then this horse is the kind for you. Maybe you aren’t that person but you always wanted to be! Red is a gorgeous, eye catching copper sorrel with lots of chrome; a real head turner. He is a finished ranch horse and a nicely started head horse that has been to a couple of jackpots. Red is very cowy whether you are running one out in the open or in the arena he always pins his ears and runs right to them. He is fun to sort on, fun to brand on and fun to rope on. He is a smooth moving, ground covering, broke, quiet, safe and strong. I’ve said it before but Red is the kind of horse the boss rides if he wants his crew to respect him as the top hand. We were very fortunate to have had the chance to buy Red from Chad and Dennis Stiles of Circle S Ranch Ltd. Funny enough we have to attribute us getting this awesome gelding to technology; I had just got my first smart phone (I bached it for years!) and so had Chad. One day Chad called and said he was messing around taking pictures of a horse they had for sale, I said “Well send me the pictures, I can get them now” and the rest is history. One look was all it took, we drove right in and rode him and he became a Hagan ranch horse. Red started right into long days of ranching last fall and I am sure there were some days he was wondering if he liked his new ranching job? Like the day we found the cows out wandering home and he and I trailed them home from the lake pasture by ourselves; 8 miles of soft stubble fields. We had few different people use Red for a day this summer; Kirk, Joe and of course Slade man and they all liked him! Red is coming along very well in the heading; he is very good in the corner, runs to cattle really well and really uses himself well. I used Red at the MB Team Roping Finals in the 8 and won 3rd, he gave me a great shot every run and best part is he was the same in town as at home. Either ranching or heading Red is doing what he was bred to do; he is intensively PC bred and Pat Cowan would be proud of this one. He is a half brother to Rhen Richard’s good yellow gelding that he won the Canadian National team Roping Futurity on in Edmonton. He is going to be an awesome jackpot head horse for someone who likes them safe, cowy and extremely fancy!!! Ranch horse or head horse we are very proud to offer you this gelding.

Doc's Jack Frost
Sun Frost
Prissy Cline
PC Double Frost
Doc's Jack Frost
Frosty Miss Leo
Leo's Miss Omak
Boon Dox John
PC Boons Feature
Feature Frost
Boons Rare Feature
Rare Ole Coin
RC Rare Black Coin
Poco Maxum

Pierce   14.3 HH    
8 year old Grulla gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin



Our  first real Grulla! This stunning little gelding is even quieter than he is fancy. We knew this cool looking dude needed a cool name to match his look. He was born, raised and never gone a day from Pierson, MB until the day we loaded him up to come home, so Pierce it was. Pierce is a quiet, easy to get on, easy to ride, and safe. Not only is he really cool looking, with a long main, tail & foretop but he also has good bone & foot and big black feet. Pierce has been our go to horse gathering mount all year long, running the sale horses and rodeo horses up every day, gathering mares for breeding etc. It’s not an easy job; it takes a quiet minded horse that doesn’t get lonesome for other horses, won’t take off following the herd and stays calm the whole time. I am starting to think he could do it on his own now if we cut him loose?  One day I had to gather two more bulls to turn out, two 6 year old bulls that did NOT want to come in off grass, Pierce stood his ground and went everywhere I asked but we were clearly not winning. I was mad and I knew my horse would handle it so I loped home a mile and got the yellow hot shot from the roping arena. Not just any horse will let you lope out carrying a yellow prod let alone let you ride up to a 2100lb bull out in the pasture and hot shot him all the way up to the loading chute but Pierce will, I guarantee it. Harley really enjoys comparing current sale horses to horses of the past, especially the ones she got to ride. Harley tells me when she rides Pierce he is somewhere in between “JT” and little “Willy” from last year. She asked me the other night “Dad who do you think will buy Pierce? I sure hope it’s someone who is nice to him!”

Peponita Pine
Sir Royal Peponita
Magic's Queen
Sir Royal Tequilla
Docs Birthday
Mia Tequilla
Bushy Blue Miss
Pine Prospect
Prospects Hobby
Jane Pine
Tinka My Belle Pine
Jubes Tinker
Pine Tinker

Fox   14.2 HH    
12 year old gray gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin



The Silver Fox; he is cute, quiet, grey and little. Many hands make for light work; you are only as strong as the rest of your team and we have a great “team”. We have a strong group of good friends that help with everything, finding horses being one of the tasks. Our friend Jay Anholtz found us Fox (and Pierce as well) really putting the pressure on Corey to step it up lol. Fox hadn’t been rode for 4 years when we got him home but he was just fine. He is the horse that Erin chose to be her ranch horse because she felt safe and because he was easy to get on when she was all bundled up in her coveralls to trail cows home from the lake pasture last fall and back again in the spring. We rode Fox at Kings Crossing this winter, he’s roped the heel-o-matic, been used at brandings, and Erin uses him to move cows etc. Fox is a gelding that is the same with a month off as he is when you ride him every day. He has got the call for a lot of jobs that were short notice and high paced simply because I knew he could handle it. Like when I  got the call I had yearlings heading toward the highway, I caught him, saddled him, loaded him in the trailer, unloaded him out of the trailer, cinched him up, baled on and over and undered him across a section of wheat to cut them off.  The Silver Fox cute, handy and grey; what else could you ask for?

Smart Little Lena
Dandee Little Smarty
Clairs Andy Barb
Little Smarty Lynx
Star Lynx
Lynx Roca
Miss Ramblin Reed
Topline Eldorado
Top O The Line Pine
Sprite Pine
Whata Foxy Pine
Pine Prospect
Prospects Grey Niki
Smoky Reed Pine


Dartanian 15.2 HH    
9 year old Gray gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin



Here is my man! This exotic looking grey gelding is a serious ranch horse and I have really enjoyed owning him.  We gave him this cool name because he reminds me of the horse Dartanian the “Musketeer” rides in the movie “the man with the iron mask” with his long main, cool headset and proud look. Dartanian has a strong work ethic and is always up for the task at hand. He is the one you want to ride for the big circles; he floats over the ground, he is sure footed and brave with lots of heart. We bought this cool looking gelding from Dale & Carolyn Brown from Portage. They had bought him as a baby at the” Barrels of Cash” weanling sale and Dale had done all the riding on him himself from first saddling to when I picked him up. They showed in the B of C Futurity and had been hauling him to barrel jackpots entering the select (55 years young and up) but thought the horse maybe had more to offer. When I first got him home I changed some head gear and immediately started riding him out across the open fields and let him stretch out. He loved it! He has been my main ranch horse ever since, he did a pile of work for me and hard work too this spring and has done all of the jobs we have to do. We gave him 45 days off while I was away trimming this spring and he was just as fun and safe as the last day I rode him! We went straight into branding season; he was fun and will make anyone look handy! Erin is always accusing me of secretly wanting to be a barrel racer and I admit I couldn’t resist; I have made a couple runs on him. I even exhibitioned him at the True Grit this year! Apparently I needed to tighten up on the back side and ride straighter lines but I did run bottom of the 1 D (in split lines I might add) with not much practice! I really feel that Dartanian would make an outstanding pick up horse/head horse combo but one thing is for sure, Dartanian is a ranch horse!! He’ll ride around in TRUE collection, soft, broke and move off a leg etc. If you want to only own one horse, here is one that is safe, fun, broke, will take all the miles and also one that your wife (or you) can haul to barrel jackpots too! 










Orphan Drift
Poco Judy Sue
Leo Drift Ash
Jae Bar Meleo
Ash Leo Drift
Amarillo Wood
Dash'n Par
Jack Eyed Dash
Jackie Tux
Ok Dash N Conquest
Sonny's Conquest
Gray Conquest
Grays Quick Lady



Chopper K    15.2 HH
10 Year old Blue Roan gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin



Chopper K is a true BLUE ranch horse (pun intended). Go branding, move cows, treat cattle, halter break colts, whatever you want to do? He is a real “Ranchers” ranch horse; gentle and reliable, big and strong and the same every day. He can really walk out, has a nice easy lope but can also stretch out and run. He’ll load on any trailer and stand all day tied by himself, no fuss, no pawing, he is never  lonesome , a real gentleman. We bought this good looking blue roan gelding from Chad and Kim Levesque of “Chopper K” Red Angus & “Chopper K” Auction Services; so naturally he became Chopper K! Our good friends Cory and Charlene are always looking to help us find horses and they told us about Chopper. They are very good friends with Chad and Kim and were with Chad when he bought him as a 2 year old at a sale in North Dakota. They told us Levesque’s had a really nice gelding their boys rode but hadn’t been using him for a few years with their hockey careers taking off. When Cory unloaded him both dad and I were immediately impressed, you just don’t see many geldings like him. Chopper K because he is who he is was the horse young Joe Lane rode when he came to ride with us for the month of August. Chopper K also got the call when Kirk and I had to go rope two wild yearling heifers for the neighbors in a less than ideal setup (complete with an audience).Sneak roping was not an option! It was game on as soon as we unloaded; We set it up to make best use of the little room we had, Kirk and Dartanian got the first one and Chopper K rolled me right up on the second heifer but after I missed and she took the fence, he then had to navigate through the pig & chicken pen and then open up and RUN clean across a quarter section of stubble to give me another shot before she hit another fence and into a creek bottom. We got her that time and once we had her tied down and the trailer arrived Chopper K towed her into the trailer and then just walked home. “All in a day’s work says” Chopper K. That’s the kind of horse he is; you can put him to work or just go out for a nice ride. All this good stuff and he is a real Blue roan to boot.



Sargent   15 HH
12 Year Old gray gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin


Here is a true adoption story. We bought Sarge from Gwenda Strachan after she called us and asked if we would be interested in a quiet, strong grey gelding that was too good to be going to waste. She wanted to see Sarge go to a good home as she would no longer be able to ride a horse due to health reasons. Gwenda’s hope is that we would find him a forever home where he could be someone’s main man again. Sarge’s first day on the job I took him out in hopes of introducing him to the ranch horse life slowly but we had some bulls bushed up that did not want to co-operate. While we were working in the bush, Sarge won me over right away with his work ethic. He stayed calm and quiet and never quit or got frustrated no matter how many trees he had to crash through or over. But the moment I knew for sure that he would work was when I had to get off and lead him through some tight young trees too close together for me to fit, it happened these young trees had grown up on a fence line and poor Sarge took a good shock from the electric fence as I was trying to navigate the bush. He didn’t panic or blow up; he just handled it like a seasoned veteran. I knew right then he would work for us and eventually his new forever home. The more I rode Sarge, the more I appreciated just how good his mind is; he just doesn’t get himself into a bad situation. He rides one handed, goes anywhere you ask of him and he can lope for miles. He has put in some long days; he has been branded on, treated on, moved cows and sorted bulls. So whether it’s as a ranch horse or trail horse. Sarge is ready and waiting to find his new forever home. P.S Shawne thinks his is going to be the best buy out of our barn.



Hagans Frosty Fling aka Cheetara   
2 year old bay mare
Owned by Alistair & Erin

Dam- TCR A Touch of Frost

This cross has been a long time in the making for us. We bought this filly’s mother (Kat) with big hopes for her; she is bred to run barrels, big, strong, good looking and yellow. We rode her a bunch but multiple injuries (wire cuts and wrecks around the ranch etc) prevented us from finishing her. That is why we try to rodeo on all mares, good mares, you always have a backup plan. Erin always says “everything happens for a reason” and one look at this filly shows us that “reason”!! Cheetara looks a lot like her grand daddy; the only son of sun frost to ever produce a AAA runner. Cheetara is quiet, correct, good looking, trainable and bred to be a barrel horse with legends on all four corners! She too was started at home and sent to Justin for 30 days. We like what Justin does, he has the colts moving out and not scared. That is a great start to the rest of their life. This cool filly will be a winner in the arena and with her look and pedigree she is an investment long term as Merri’s daughters have already proven to outstanding brood mares!  She too has CBHI, Western Fortunes and Merri’s $5,000 incentive money to gun for. 

Streakin Six
A Streak of Fling
Moon Fling
BF Streakin Merridoc
Sun Frost
PC Sir Azure Frost
Bunny Bet
TCR A Touch of Frost
Royal Quick Dash
Sassy N Sultry

Hagans Fling N Fly aka Bugs    
2 year old bay roan gelding
Owned by Alistair & Erin


Dam- Strawflyin Illusions


We are very proud of this 2 year old gelding;  lots of people who have seen Bugs this summer have told us he is one of the nicest Merri babies they have seen yet. We really like this cross; (Merri  & Strawflyin Illusions) never disappoint. Bugs’ full brother; Jane Corey’s good looking big “Straws” gelding (Hagans Special Fling) is already showing great promise as a winner. Jane and Straws had a strong showing at the SBRA finals this year. Finishing 4th in the Long go and 7th in the short go out of 300 riders! Bugs is very loveable and gentle to be around. Bugs was on the same program as our colts in the past, 4 or 5 good sessions at home and then up to Justin Bridgeman for 30 days. Justin as usual did a great job of Bugs saying “Al, he was just quiet and easy”. Bugs has 40 rides; he has been road outside this fall, he is smooth, very athletic, big and strong, well bred and ready to go win some money for you! This gelding is an investment, talk about a good ROI.  Bugs is CBHI Super Stakes, (2020 purse $154,500 est.)  he is also enrolled in the new Western Fortunes incentive and don’t forget about the $5,000 Merri bounty! 

Streakin Six
A Streak of Fling
Moon Fling
BF Streakin Merridoc
Special Effort
Strawfly Special
Fly In The Pie
Strawflyin Illusions
Fusion Illusion
Sommers Starlet



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